Dorchester Optimist Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors is the governing body of The Optimist Club of North Dorchester and has both collective and individual responsibilities.   The Board of Directors are all volunteers and responsible for collective decisions and actions.  Individual board members are expected to act in good faith, lawful and in the best interests of the club.

In addition, we have the unique situation that we manage a property that provides rental facilities to the community and a place that we can be proud of  the “Optimist Youth Centre” 1653 Richmond Street, Dorchester, ON. This bring with it additional responsibilities and challenges as we deal with “brick and mortar” up-keep.

2017-18 Board of Directors' Officers:

1Year Directors - John Rondinelli
                                Lloyd Elliot
                                Lori Adams

2Year Directors - John Andrigo
                                Nancie Irving
                                Doris England

Our Code of Conduct

There are a number of factors, which contribute to the success of any organization.   As volunteers we provide the club with the experience and knowledge required to build our community youth programs, services and guide our growth.

Board Members demonstrate ethical and profession conduct to maintain the confidence of the membership and the public.  Our commitment includes proper use of the authority and appropriate action in group and individual behavior.